Temples in Bhubaneshwar

Temples in Bhubaneswar, Odisha (Orissa) Bhubaneswar – the capital of Odisha (Orissa) is known as the City of Temples, where you will find temples in almost every street. And these temples are not the new one, but made in ancient time during 8th to 15 Century AD. During your tour to the capital city of Orissa, you will get a chance to explore Bhubaneswar temples that make it an ideal city of temples. Some of the most popular temples in Bhubaneswar Odisha (Orissa) temples include:

Lingaraj Temple: It is the most prominent and must see temple in Bhubaneswar that is dedicated to Harihara – Lord Shiva. It was developed in 11th century A.D.

Aisanyesvara Siva Temple: It was developed in 13thcentury A.D. and dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Akhadachandi Temple: It is also dedicated to Lord Shiva that was developed in 10th century A.D.

Ananta Vasudeva Temple: It is dedicated to Lord Krishna that was constructed in 13th century A.D. In the temple, Subhadra and Balram are also worshiped.

Bharati Matha: It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and considered as one of the oldest temples in Bhubaneswar.
Bhringesvara Siva Temple: It is also dedicated to Lord Shiva that is the main temple in the city. It is in the foothills of Dhauli and left Bank of River Daya.

Champakesvara Siva Temple: It was developed in 13thcentury that is dedicated to Lord Siva.

Devasabha Temple: This Bhubaneswar temple is dedicated to Lord Siva that was developed in 18th century A.D.
Gopal Tirtha Matha: It is located in front of the Chitrakarini Temple that was developed in 16th century.

Lakhesvara Siva Temple: It is also dedicated to Lord Shiva that was constructed in 13th century AD. It is located very close to renowned Lingaraj Temple.

In addition to aforementioned Bhubaneswara Odisha (Orissa) temples, there are also a number of other temples that include Madneswar Siva temple, Mangalesvara Siva temple, Mukteswar Temple, Nagesvara Temple, Pabaneswara temple, Parusurameswar temple, Purvesvara Siva temple, Rajrani Temple, Ram Mandir, Sarvatresvara Siva temple, Sivatirtha Matha, Suka Temple, Svapnesvara Siva temple, Vaital Deula and the list goes on.

During your tour to the Capital city, you will also get a chance to visit a number of other ancient to contemporary temples in Bhubaneswar. All the temples in city of temple are very close to each other; thus you can easily reach from one temple to another. However, it is also vital to keep in mind that you cannot explore all the temples in a single day. Therefore, make your tour for more than a day or two to visit the true beauty and feel the divinity in the state capital in your own way.


Famous Temples in Bhubaneshwar

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